Bmore Babes x YSS x Brunch Club


Bmore Babes First Official Meetup: Success!

Since founding Bmore Babes in January of 2018 the number one question I received was "When is the meet up?" While I knew that meetups were an essential part of creating this community, I also knew that I needed to be selective when launching the first one. 

Rachel from Yoga Social Society approached me about collaborating, and instantly I loved her vibe. We met at R. House for coffee and planned the whole thing. Bmore Babes + Yoga Social Society + Hotel Revival = Bmore Babes Brunch Club. An hour of relaxing yoga lead by Lift (a local, female owned, boutique fitness studio) instructor Maya, followed by an hour of brunch and networking. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 7.50.16 PM.png

Hotel Revival: A joie de vivre hotel was the perfect location. They are a brand new boutique hotel that has become an instagrammers dream. When you arrive to an open room, and golden elevators you instantly feel the *joie de vivre*. Taking the elevator all the way to R, Topside is a restaurant on the top floor of the hotel featuring 360 views of the Washington Monument. When you get off the elevator you were greeted by the most beautiful cascade of black, pink, and white balloons. You walked through the arch, checked in with the hostesses, and found your way to find a place for your mat. 

Yoga was hosted on the northern section of Topside facing the monument. Because of the time of day we had to keep the blinds down, or else everyone would have become blind. I knew we needed to document this event, so Rachel and I enlisted local photographer (and master behind both of our portraits) Becky from Our Endless Adventure. You can view the day through her lens in the gallery below. (If you see a photo you like, please make sure to tag @ourendlessadventure @bmore.babes and @yogasocialsociety - thanks! <3 )

After an hour of pure relaxation ladies spent about a  half an hour taking photos in the jungle room, and finding their way down to Square Meal - the restaurant located inside of Hotel Revival. The Brunch spread included Ceremony Coffee, mimosas, bloody mary's, bagels and lox, breakfast quiche, and waffles! Bmore Babes spent about 45 minutes eating, networking, and checking out the amazing Karaoke rooms! 

The very first Bmore Babes event was a total success, and we can't wait to announce our next one!

Stay tuned!




All photos taken by Becky Stavely of Our Endless Adventure