Instagram Tutorial



...and we can not keep calm.

Divided into 4 segments with 3 - 15 second videos per segment, Instagram officially released official instagram tutorials, and we are here. for. this.


1. Building Your Community:

To grow your Instagram community:

Tap discover people then connect with Facebook friends, add phone contacts, and spread the word on your website and Facebook page!

To connect with more accounts:

  •     Follow inspiring accounts, businesses, and hashtags

Building a community summary:

  •     Connect with Facebook
  •     Connect with Phone contacts.
  •     Spread the word on your website and all social channels!
  •     Follow inspiring accounts! ( Such as @bmore.babes )


2. Creating Great Content:

Creative Tips:

Repurposing Content - 

You can repurpose content from your website, facebook, phone or other accounts - just make sure you give credit!

Ideas for great content:

    Behind the scenes

    Show Products


A recipe for delicious content:

    Repurpose & repost

    Go behind the scenes

    Show your product

    Share announcements

3. Posting Like a Pro:

Add hashtags to your posts to get noticed!

#bmorebabes #bemorebabes #bemore #girlboss 

Tag friends and other businesses in your posts

tag @bmore.babes for more babes to see your posts!

To help people find you, check in

Get more engagement on your posts:

  1.     Add relevant hashtags
    • Popular Baltimore Hashtags- #mybmore #bmoredaily #thebmorecreatives #discovercharmcity #bmorebabes
  2.     Tag people or businesses
  3.     Tag your location


4. Improving Your Profile:

To tell your businesses story -  

press edit profile, and add a description! - add hashtags, emojis, and tag people!

Hep people get in touch by -

adding your website

phone number


and location

A better business profile has - 

    A descriptive bio

    Contact info

    And flare!

To some of you this might seem like super basic, ABC's of Instagram, and to others, this is extremely valuable information! We wanted to let you know that if you update your IG your settings will look different, and there is valuable information available at your fingertips equaling a grand total of 3 whole minutes. If Instagram adds more tutorials or updates these we will definitely let you know. There are also plans for more social media advice tips - so stay tuned!