Grateful for You

Walking into the Holiday season you will see the word gratitude pop up more and more. But it is my firm belief that gratitude is the key to happiness, and in order to be truly happy we must be grateful all year long.

Some of you might remember the blog post I did back in September about Gratitude. I challenged everyone of our followers to participate in 21 days of gratitude. This 21 day challenge was designed to create a habit of gratefulness is everyone of you bmorebabes lives!

Bmore Babes started as a platform where I would share memes and connect with local women on instagram. Over the last year this community has grown from 300 to almost 5k. I am grateful for each and every single one of you. I am grateful for your comments, your likes, and your shares. I am grateful for every single message of encouragement. I am grateful for every single woman I have connected with because of this platform. I am grateful for all of the women who have connected because of this platform. I am grateful for the businesses who have been created out of motivation from this page. I am grateful for the messages telling us how we can grow better. U am grateful for the challenges this year of growth has brought. But most of all, I am just grateful for this place.

Bmore Babes has changed my life in ways that I could never put into words. I went from the dorky girl in high school with few friends, to the friend who never did anything because she was always working, to the woman who gets recognized on the streets for creating a place for badass women in business in Baltimore. There are SO MANY WOMEN who have affected my life since the inception of Bmore Babes. Whether it was a babe we collaborated with to a local business who believed in us to the thousands of women we have as a part of our tribe. So many have helped me to get to where Bmore Babes is today, and for that I am forever grateful. Too many to name, but you know who you are, and thank you.

I would like to give a special thank-you’s to my babe who helps me make this community as great as possible :

I am grateful for Kourtney Fix for always giving us doughnuts and her honest opinion. She’s a Day 1 OG Babe and I am so so so grateful for her. From our very first Bmore Babes meeting to every single day sending encouraging texts, I truly wish everyone had a friend like K.

I love you so much. Thank you for participating, helping, building, working, sharing, liking, supporting, encouraging, and just endlessly loving Bmore Babes.

2018 has been a year of foundation pouring for us.

2019, well. It’s going to be bangin’.

Happy Thanksgiving Babes, let the Holidays commence!



Hope Seidl