What is a Takeover?!

If you don’t know what a takeover is, it’s okay.

I literally get asked all of the time!

A Takeover is when I offer you the Be More Babes instagram platform for 24 hours! You will post on the Be More Babes page advertising yourself and your brand to 6k+ Be More Babes!


You will have 2 posts on the “feed / grid” to tell the platform about yourself, your business, what makes you a Be More Babe, and why they should follow you! You will have unlimited stories! Take all the videos and insta stories your heart desires! Ask questions, perform surveys, offer giveaways, just engage with the babes!

Janelle Diamond of Baltimore Magazine. These are the two photos she shared on the grid!

Janelle Diamond of Baltimore Magazine. These are the two photos she shared on the grid!

If you are new to the platform and want to see a takeover, or if you are looking for inspiration for your upcoming takeover, I would highly recommend going to the Be More Babes instagram page @bemorebabes and watching all of the highlighted tabs. There, we save all of the past takeovers so you can see what other Babes have done!


I would also ask you to think about the question, “what are you offering / providing / teaching the Babes?” while doing your takeover! The most successful and engaging takeovers are always the genuine ones who offer tangible advice!

This is from Kate Campbell of Love & Luster’s Instagram Stories during her takeover.

This is from Kate Campbell of Love & Luster’s Instagram Stories during her takeover.

The goal with the takeovers is to showcase different Boss Babes in the area, highlight female owned + operated businesses, give insight into the life of being a girl boss, connect like minded individuals, and offer brand expansion to women all over our area!

Showcasing your business to this very targeted and interactive group of women is a rewarding experience. Most people see around 50+ new followers during the day of their takeover, so there are a lot of benefits here! Our audience is predominantly 1) Baltimore based, 2) female and 3) in the 25-44 age range.

Your takeover should follow you around during the day, contain highlights of some of your favorite work and let us get to know YOU, the woman behind the brand! BTS stuff is always great content! We are open to whatever you feel would best represent your brand/ product and showcase female entrepreneurship. Some takeovers do giveaways, contests, offer discounts on subscriptions or services and anything else that may translate into real numbers and dollars for you! Our most successful takeovers have included things like :

- Who are you/ Your story / How you got started and your journey

- What do you do?

- Where can we follow along with you?

- Why you do what you do?

- How have you become successful? How can the community be as successful as you?

- Give back! Valuable methods or tips you've learned along the way, what do you do to generate success in your life, the best tips for success that you have!

- BTS / Behind the scenes of "a day in the life"

Think of this not only as a way to promote yourself and your brand but also as a chance to show fellow Be More Babes what is possible with focus and drive. You are sharing your empowerment first and foremost -  we want you to inspire our community as much as possible!

If you are still feeling uncertain of what a takeover is, or what you should do, here are a couple articles from outside sources I thought are relevant for you to read!

  1. Here are 5 tips for An Effective IG Story Takeover from Forbes

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  3. Gary V drops the mic with The Value of Instagram Takeovers

If you are interested in a takeover, or know someone who would be a perfect fit, please submit a takeover request below! The calendar fills up rather quickly, so don’t let fear stop you from applying today!

If you are already on the books for a takeover, I hope you found this page useful and we can’t wait to see your day!

Love & Light,


Hope Seidl