Turn your To-Do's into Ta-Da's!

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To-Do Lists are not created equal. There are “list people” - you know the girl with three journals and two notepads and allll the notes in her unorganized iphone...oh… I was talking about myself... and non-list people. IDK how the latter lives - mad props for remembering all the things.

If you are a list person, or at least find yourself  *using* lists, I want to introduce you to a method that I 100% thought I brilliantly created, and then typed into google and realized other people are also clever. LOL Shocker. But while I was googling I found some *actual* facts to back up why this magical method really works!

I give you - The Ta-Da List!

A Ta-Da List, simply put, is a list of accomplishments you made throughout the day.

I started doing a ta-da list when I found myself at the end of the day feeling overwhelmed with a new list of tasks for the next day, and feeling like because I didn’t have any *tangible* evidence of the things that I had accomplished during the day. My job is almost completely on the computer + social media. I have a side hustle where I post on social media for some of the top restaurants in the city + my restaurant + the babes page + my personal page, on some days I post on 7 different instagram accounts. Sometimes a post comes right out and I know what I want to write and it takes 3 seconds. Sometimes I have absolutely 0 creativity and have no idea what I want to write about and it takes me literally an hour per post. Some days I feel like superwoman and I pump out 7 posts, write 3 blog posts, send out 2 email blasts, and still get my laundry done. Not all days are created equal like not all lists are created equal, so a ta-da list is a way to be gracious to ourselves and celebrate the fact that we did our best, and our best is enough.

Did a load of laundry?

Paid that bill?

Put the dishes away?

Made that phone call you were dreading?

Ran to the post office?

Answered those emails?

Had lunch with a friend?

Made time for you spouse?



According to Forbes, “It turns out, even in the best of circumstances, we’re better at remembering unfinished tasks than completed ones. Bluma Zeigarnik, a Russian psychiatrist, discovered this phenomenon in the 1920s. She wrote, ‘Unfinished items that we’ve left hanging are like cognitive itches.’ That’s why the end of the day to-do’s can leave us with that nagging feeling that we couldn’t possibly have been productive, given how much still remains to be done.”

How do I scratch this brain itch, then, Hope?

*in my sassy voice, at myself. ha.*

  • Get a CLEAN sheet of paper. I like to use two pages next to each other in my journal so I can see the to-do list, and the ta-da list. If you don’t have a to-do list journal that’s okay. You’re normal. This is just what works for me! I find this method works because you can see tangibly the things you’ve done, and it allows the easy transfer of tasks to the next day without losing one!

  • If you’ve found that those last couple things are nagging you - flip the page and move them to tomorrow's to-do list. This way your accomplishing two things. 1) You’re ready for the next day. 2) Out of sight out of mind. You can only see two pages at a time, flip your book in half so you can only see the ta-da, today’s to-do is face down, and tomorrow’s to-do is on the future page.

  • Your ta-da list is NOT a list of all of the things you completed on your to-do list, but also things you did for yourself, things that feed your soul, things your proud of, or things that are meaningful to you!

Sometimes things as simple as shifting our perspective on things can help us be more productive and happy! Writing this blog post was on my to-do list forever and I mentioned  it to a friend during lunch today, so both of those things will be going on my ta da list!

If you make a Ta-Da List I want to see! Tag me @bemorebabes so I can cheer you on in your journey!

Hope Seidl