21 Days of Gratitude

It takes 21 days to create a habit.

I'm not a scientist or a psychologist but I can tell you that it has been proven that highly successful people set appointments and keep them, and they have set routines and schedules that they stick to. Running with this being the foundation of success, if we spend 21 days creating a habit that makes us feel good, it's natural to believe that we will still want to feel good after 21 days- right? 

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Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return the kindness. If we put gratitude out into the world, the universe will reward us as if we already have the things we are grateful for. If we put gratitude out into the world it will have a positive impact on those we are grateful for. If we put gratitude out into the world, it allows us to have a small moment of introspection before the stressors of the day taint our mindset. 

People often ask me what my favorite book is. The Secret was a book recommended to me by a very successful colleague. The Secret says your subconscious mind can control everything that happens around you, including both positive experiences, like having someone call you from miles away, and negative experiences, like death. The Secret underlines the power of the subconscious mind by asking the reader to take full control of these thoughts, in order to achieve things in life, with the mind, as much as with action. So, if we take the premise of the secret, and we start our day with 5 minutes of gratitude, we are then able to set our mindset for the whole day and allow gratitude and positivity to set the tone for our interactions. 

I challenge all of you Bmore Boss Babes to write down 3 things you are grateful for, everyday, for 21 days.

By creating this habit I have set a really amazing tone to start my day. In addition to my productivity planning - gratitude recognition early in the morning is a great way to ground yourself and meditate on the good stuff in your life. By creating this habit I have avoided *would be* meltdowns by reminding myself of my gratitudes. I have consciously avoided emotional warfare within my own brain my reminding myself of positive things - I was grateful I could see instead of being angry I couldn't find my glasses. I was grateful I have a car that I paid off that I am able to drive to a meeting for a job that I love, instead of getting angry that they cut me off on 83. 

It's really easy.

Ignore IG, turn the volume down on the TV, tell your BFF you'll text them back in 5. Grab a crystal if you're into that sort of thing. Sit somewhere comfortable. Light a candle. 

get into the mood, for gratitude. - yup. super proud of that one. 

Grab a pen and paper.

Start a Notebook.

Open your iPhone and start a new note.

Write down 3 things you are grateful for.

Every day. 

For 21 Days.

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Tag me! Let me know how it makes you feel! Hit me up if you need support, or want to chat, or run out of things to think of. I think we all have the power inside of ourselves to start our days right.

Won't you join me?

Love & Light






I am in no way sponsored by The Secret, but if you want to change the way you think too - here is the link to buy the book, or audio download, or daily affirmations (highly reccomend)!



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