Bmore Bizz Babes

On Saturday September 22, 2018 the Babes flocked to the new, and beautiful Topside Baltimore.

Topside Baltimore is Baltimore’s Premiere restaurant - with a view is located inside of Hotel Revival: A Joie De Vivre Hotel. Topside boasts views of Mount Vernon with an almost 360 degree view of the city that is absolutely breathtaking. I want to first and foremost Brad. I know. Not a Babe. But a true supporter of the Babes. His team at Hotel Revival and Topside have been huge advocates to Bmore Babes ever since our very first event, and we very much look forward to many more great events together. To Brad and his fine team at Topside Baltimore, we thank you infinitely for your generosity and professionalism.


When the Babes arrived at Hotel Revival the friendly staff pointed everyone to the fun gold gidlded elevators, accompanied by a spinning letter board full of the unexpected! There was a sign posted outside of the doors that directed them all the way to the top, 15 stories above the noisy Baltimore streets.


Getting off of the elevators the natural light gleamed, the room was splashed with the perfect amount of “on-brand” pink accents. Bmore Babes Board Member and Sentimental Fool, Grace - an intern at The Sentimental Fools, and Amanda, Bmore Babes Board Members! These Babes are the true definition of selfless and were there because they believe in our mission and they believe in the women of Baltimore. (HUGE shoutout to Jess R. HFIC at The Sentimental Fools and Bmore Babes Board Member donated three of her employees to the Bmore Bizz Babes events - on her busiest day of the wedding season - while still pulling off her best friends wedding and a helicopter proposal. I am forever grateful for you…and your balloons.)


So, they greeted you babes with a smile, and the first 50 Babes to check in received a goodie bag from Brightside Boutique that said “Bmore Babe”! HOW CUTE?!! We stuffed the with swag & you were on your way!


When you walked into Topside - Brightside Boutique had the cutest pop-up shop with everything a Bmore Babe could need. Notebooks, and T-shirts, and Planners, OH MY! There were Ceremony Coffee Samples, and Bai sparkling water for everyone! Bumble Bizz swag covered the tables and the energy in the room was tangible. (I just rubbed my fingers together while trying to envision that word. Just thought you should know.)


Everyone arrived at 11 and grabbed a drink and mingled for a bit! Around 11:45 everyone was seated and we began the speaking portion.


Our speakers included Jeanne Lauber from Enoch Pratt Free Library, who is an actual Business Librarian. It’s actually super rare to find a library that offers a Business Librarian, but this can be SO helpful to the community.


Q: What is a business librarian?

A: A Business Librarian helps making career choices and finding job opportunities easy with access to information. To meet this need, the Job and Career Information Center, located in the Business, Science and Technology Department provides a comprehensive collection of resources. These include materials on job hunting, resume writing, interviewing techniques, career planning and occupations. Computers are also available by reservation for two hours at a time to perform job related activities. The Business Librarian, Jeanne, is available and eager to help you with any business related needs or questions you may have! Please head here to check out upcoming free business workshops hosted by Enoch Pratt Library.


Followed by Jeanne we heard from Christie Vazquez - CEO and Head Babe in Charge at the local Brightside Boutique Chain! Tbh when she agreed to do this event with us I fangirled so hard. Anyway, she called Diane Von Furstenburg “Diane” and talked about how working hard, being passionate about what you do, and standing out from the crowd will help you in business on and off of social media.


Ashley Conway of Bumble Bizz talked about how the app - created by 29 year old, female CEO, Whit Wolfe Heard - turned into more than just a dating app and a revolutionary new networking tool. (She also co-founded tinder. ICY didn’t know. If you are wary of having the Bumble App on your phone, just be open with your partner and tell them how excited you are to have an easier way to grow your brand in a totally platonic way right from your finger tips!


Rachel Cooper followed Ashley. If you don’t know who Rachel Cooper is you’ve likely ogled her photography skills on IG - especially if you follow Brightside. She is the marketing and social media director for the highly successful chain. She spoke about authenticity. Some of my favorite points from her speech were:

  • be authentic

  • be consistent

  • choose an aesthetic that suits you & your brand

  • engage with your followers!

I closed the speech workshop with some other social media advice. I said there is a lot of gold to be found in storytelling. Wether you’re telling the story of your brand, the BTS story of your day, the highlight reel, or anything in between - there is ALWAYS a story to be told. You just have to look for it. There is SO MUCH VALUE is using hashtags, and learning how to use hashtags. If you start your business tomorrow, and start with 30 hashtags, I promise they won’t be the same everyday, and I promise the “staple” 30 will change before the first year is up. Change is good. Change is growth.


Following the speaking portions we invited babes to Brunch and the Headshots / Networking / Raffle / Resume Editing Began! - I know. It sounds like a lot. It was a lot to even type. But that was the point! Whenever we host an event we want it to be valuable to everyone who attends! There were Business Babes, Boss Babes, and Hustling Babes. Therefore there needed to be something for everyone.


Jeanne headed to her table in the hallway and she helped all the Babes who needed their resume to be edited. Corinne, from Love To the Core Photography posted up in the Jungle room and began taking the Babes headshots. Sarah from Old Line Spirits was in the Jungle room as well, pouring samples of some locally made Caribbean rum! Dan from Sentimental Fools manned the Raffle table and we raffled off 5 amazing packages! Thank you so much to our generous donors - Brightside Boutique, Old Line Spirits, Hotel Revival, Square Meal Baltimore, and Ceremony Coffee, and Bumble Bizz.


The event was a massive success because of everyone who helped to put so much work into this. Thank you to all of the Babes who came out - without you all there is no Bmore Babes, and for that I am the most grateful.

If you attended the event on Saturday, I would love for you to leave a comment and tell me what your favorite / least favorite / best takeaway from the event was!


Love & Light


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