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Be More Grateful - Bmore Babes Gratitude & Clothing Drive at R House

Be More Grateful

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The Power of Gratitude.

Join Bmore Babes at R. House from 10 am to 2 pm, on Sunday, November 4 2018 - the Sunday before election day - to write letters of gratitude to Dr. Blasey-Ford, and anyone else who you are grateful for. 

Anita Hill was quoted in TIME Magazine 2011 that she received well over 25,000 letters of gratitude for her testimony. Women across the nation have been writing Thank-You notes to Doctor Ford via her Representative Anna Eshoo and Palo Alto University. For some, writing letters to Ford is a way of assuring her that her testimony did have an impact, even if it wasn’t the one some of her supporters hoped for. “I wanted her to know that she wasn’t alone up there,” one woman said. “I didn’t want her to think it was all for naught.” Let's join them in making our American Hero know the impact she made.

Please feel free to write more than one thank-you note. There are so many people who have made impacts on our lives both personally and on a greater scale. Say thank you to them. November is a month for gratitude and we want to express it together. 

We will also be hosting a clothing drive to help benefit our community as we clean out our closets for cooler months and think of those who might be in need. Please bring any clothing donations you may have to the meetup and Bmore Babes will glady donate them for you. 

We are grateful for you Babes. Thank you for being apart of our community and giving back.