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be more babes:

Be More Babes is a community of strong, entrepreneurial, and business savvy women redefining success. Hope Seidl founded this innovative and groundbreaking community in 2017. When she founded Be More Babes she hoped that it would grow, exuding confidence and love for all women.

The Mission is to inform, connect, and inspire action through the relationships and experiences we create and cultivate because of Be More Babes. Hope is the founder and Head Babe in Charge and is passionate in our beliefs and values of supporting girls and women. Of all backgrounds, incomes, and races - women who are chasing dreams both big and small in and around the Baltimore Metropolitan Area...and beyond. We have babes in California, New York and the UK!


Bmore Babe copyrighted by Brightside Boutique LLC.

Bmore Babe copyrighted by Brightside Boutique LLC.

Focusing on the ideas that we all want to better ourselves, expand our brands, and collaborate with one another (over competing) we aim to create a community of bad ass females in the Baltimore area.
On this website you will find a conglomerate of business tips, motivation, networking opportunities, lifestyle stuff, events, informative blog posts, female owned business indexes, and anything else that we feel might be interesting for this amazing group of women!

what is a takeover?

A Takeover is when I offer you the Be More Babes instagram platform for 24 hours! You will post on the Be More Babes page advertising yourself and your brand to 6k+ Be More Babes!

The goal with the takeovers is to showcase different Boss Babes in the area, highlight female owned + operated businesses, give insight into the life of being a girl boss, connect like minded individuals, and offer brand expansion to women all over our area!
Showcasing your business to this very targeted and interactive group of women is a rewarding experience. Most people see around 50+ new followers during the day of their takeover, so there are a lot of benefits here! Our audience is predominantly 1) Baltimore based, 2) female and 3) in the 25-44 age range.

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