Here is a curated list of Hope’s entrepreneurial must-haves, current reads, and more!

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hope’s office must-haves

These are my, like, my favorite office essentials ever, like! But no seriously. The self-therapy worksheet + the cordless phone charger are serious entrepreneur fail safes. 10/10 highly recommend. Check out my whole list here!


hope’s favorite books

These aren’t just like, my fave books ever.

(Those would be depressing historical romance novels and I won’t bore anyone with that)

These are my fave personal growth, business growth, empowerment, inspiring, books. These are all books that I have read or am reading and that I really think you should read too.

If you'ree busy like me, use Audible to take your books with you on the go! You can download 2 books for FREE for trying their membership today!!!!

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Get your Free Virtual Assistant Today!

Time is Money! For my business I use Acuity to schedule potential clients! This is such an awesome website integration and truly allows you to schedule your time to maximize your profits!



the Maryland State Small Business & Entrepreneur Resource Guide here.

Provided by the Maryland State Department of Commerce, this is a super useful resource that I have directed a ton of babes to. I am not affiliated with the state at all but rather really recommend small business owners and entrepreneurs download and read this!


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